Des Demona asked:

Hi – I’d love to hear some really inexpensive ideas for volunteer gift bags for my crew of 18 volunteers for the Los Angeles Roller Derby event. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks in advance.
Haha I like that frame idea thing but our budget doesn’t really cover that. I’m thinking easy stuff to throw in a gift bag. I already have a program flier, candy, derby stickers now I just need one or two more good items to put in there. Just to clear it up – the volunteers do not skate they are not the derby girls themselves they are the ones helping with our merch booths and stuff like that.
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Also does the modern roller derby differ then say past versions of game that seemed more staged or had more pro wrestling kind of theatrics going on.

I am also specifically interested in anybody that plays this sport and what about it appeals to you.
Good job on finding all that material ? lost of interesting links. I am dating my self when I remember Roller Derby being staged and as real as Pro Wrestling, but I see modern version is a real athletic sport that’s very physical.
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bola snack asked:

My roller derby team has just changed their theme to a zombie theme and we are wanting to completely paint our faces white for each bout. This poses a problem as we all sweat so much that it will come off instantly and look ghastly in a bad way. I guess i’m asking if anyone knows any makeup/facepaint that is sweat/ water proof?
Its needs to be quite budget too as we are going to need a hell of a lot of it.
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wartburgirl asked:

We are doing a spelling bee fundraiser for a non-profit agency which involved team themes and we are the Roller DerBEEs. However we need individual names for our players now. We need at least three names for female players that are related to bees, and the more aggressive sounding the better! Thanks for your help.

inasaurus asked:

I’m quite interested in roller derby and I’ve been thinking of setting up a club for it in my school. The thing is, where I live, roller derby isnt popular so roller skates/quad skates/derby skates are not sold here and are very difficult to find. So I was wondering if it’ll be alright to use roller blades for roller derby?

Jennifer M asked:

My sister is in a roller derby squad. They are just starting out and are trying to pick a good song for their squad. They are the ATOMIC ANNIES. They are wanting songs that might have the words Atomic or Annies in it. Any suggestions? The other team is the Rock-a-Betties and their song is Whoa Black Betty. Okay, if no songs with the names in it, then something that kicks butt.

casie c asked:

i’m thinking of joining a roller derby team. Is there anybody out there that does this sport? and sugestions or comments?

Little Gatita asked:

What are the age limitations to partake in a roller derby game, on a actual team?

yonica asked:

I saw the trailer for whip it and it got me interested in roller derby. I’ve been looking for a sport to start this fall and roller derby sounds fun. Does anyone know of any roller derby teams for teen girls in chicago or chicago area? Im 14. and what are the positions, rules, and objectives of roller derby? I have a pretty good idea but i’d like more explanation. Will it be really violent?

Betty Rage asked:

I just joined a derby league and need to purchase pads, a helmet and derby clothing. And suggestions on where to find some great stuff?

What are your recommendation for a good knee pad for ROLLER DERBY?

always has questions asked: HI I just joined a roller derby league and I need better knee pads, please recommend me one that is awesome and you have used (under 50.00 please!!)

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How can I learn to Roller Derby?

Angela asked: I would like to learn from an established Roller Derby league some advanced skills. I can skate on quads, I am looking for a Derby Clinic of some kind, anywhere in Canada or the States?

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Is there a Roller Derby club at Rollarama?

Gerty asked: I would like to know if there is a Roller Derby team at Carribean Rollarama? If not, are there any close?

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