Can you use roller blades for playing roller derby?


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inasaurus asked:

I’m quite interested in roller derby and I’ve been thinking of setting up a club for it in my school. The thing is, where I live, roller derby isnt popular so roller skates/quad skates/derby skates are not sold here and are very difficult to find. So I was wondering if it’ll be alright to use roller blades for roller derby?

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Rule from the WFTDA

3.9.1 Players must wear quad roller skates only. Players may not wear inline or any other type
of skate.”

+ Everyone will laugh at you.

Use the internets

Plus check the rink nearest you. They may have a shop.

and you’ll eventually need this site

Good luck


No, as a general rule, Derby Players HATE roller bladers.

If you find it hard to get rollerskates where you are, go to or

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