What is a good song for roller derby?


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Jennifer M asked:

My sister is in a roller derby squad. They are just starting out and are trying to pick a good song for their squad. They are the ATOMIC ANNIES. They are wanting songs that might have the words Atomic or Annies in it. Any suggestions? The other team is the Rock-a-Betties and their song is Whoa Black Betty. Okay, if no songs with the names in it, then something that kicks butt.

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It might be too literal to pick a song just because it has a lyric that matches their team name. They would be better off choosing something that matches the theme of their team. For instance, are they called the Atomic Annies because they were exposed to nuclear fallout, granting them supercharged roller derby powers? It might be better to choose something that evokes a post-apocolyptic feel – something instrumental might be good. Are they going to destroy the other teams with their A-Bomb-esque ability to blow the track to hell? Maybe a soundtrack of falling and exploding bombs would be better than a song.

Good luck!


“Atomic” by Blondie, “Eat To The Beat” album

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