I need cheap and easy gift bag ideas for my volunteers for a roller derby event! Please Help?


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Des Demona asked:

Hi – I’d love to hear some really inexpensive ideas for volunteer gift bags for my crew of 18 volunteers for the Los Angeles Roller Derby event. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks in advance.
Haha I like that frame idea thing but our budget doesn’t really cover that. I’m thinking easy stuff to throw in a gift bag. I already have a program flier, candy, derby stickers now I just need one or two more good items to put in there. Just to clear it up – the volunteers do not skate they are not the derby girls themselves they are the ones helping with our merch booths and stuff like that.
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Well, you’d need to indicate what kind of budget you have, but a good gift bag might include both fun and practical items – you don’t want to end up with just plastic tat.

Since it’s a roller derby, what about a pair of super-fluffy pink socks for the women, for after they take their skates off? And for everyone, a little bottle of peppermint foot lotion?


Certificates of participation is all they need. Make it frameable quality. A local printer may give you a break for a civic event as they’ll write it off for tax purposes. Tie some ribbon around each certificate.

People want their legacy found in the attic by the grandkids no matter how cheap and sorry they may have been during their years on earth.

Make it certificates and not trinkets.

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